My Old Church Was A Cult

I just found out recently that my old church group, where I met for more than ten years, is a sect – if not a cult.

Its disturbing really, to think I spent ten years of my life devoted to this group, thinking it was the ‘one true’ group and all the other groups were wrong. I felt like I was one of Noah’s sons, building the ‘Ark’ together with him, and all other Christian groups were building little dinghies that would sink when the flood came.

Recently some things didn’t add up. Why am I not allowed to talk to a woman for more than five minutes? Why do I have to have the elders find a wife for me instead of finding my own?  Why am I not allowed to just casually have coffee with women and date them like normal people do? This really bothered me.

Not only do I have trouble talking with the opposite sex as a result of this cult-ish background, but so does every man and woman in this church. The church is full of people who are completely dysfunctional in communicating with the opposite sex.

The church elders refused to let me leave my ex wife. They said if I left her, I could never partake of the bread and wine ever again until I returned to her (ironically, I haven’t wanted to since then). They tried to manipulate me into returning to her. Nevermind the fact that she was horribly abusive, we can’t have failed mariages in the church tainting the testimony, apparently.

However other people have found that the elders strongly encouraged them to divorce their spouse when they themselves had no such feeling – just because they didn’t meet in the church. Other elders have paired up couples who never met each other to get married.

I struggle to accept that such a group could be God’s move on the earth. Especially after I found out that the whole church is pro-Trump (who will probably be impeached and go to prison) because he is an ‘effective leader’ and was ‘chosen by God for His purpose’. How ridiculous!

So I have left the church and am having to learn from scratch how to flirt and interact with the opposite sex. Something I wish I learned before I married a complete stranger almost seven years ago.

Here’s a video about someone else who escaped a cult – a different group though. I could relate with her so I thought you might enjoy watching it.